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10 Reasons Building a New Home Provides More Value

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The clean slate of building a brand new home is certainly appealing. And, you might be surprised to learn that value is also on the side of the new home decision. Let’s unpack the specifics of new home value proposition as compared with existing home value proposition.

Single Family Home Photo• You did it your way. One of the best things about building is getting the finishes you want. Paint colors, appliance choices, countertops, flooring…when will it ever be exactly your choice in an existing home? Want a master bedroom on the first floor? Large his and hers walk-in closets? High ceilings and a luxurious master bath? Sitting room with a fireplace or French doors opening to the pool? Now is the time to decide what you want and include it in your new home build.

• Save your cash. When you’re building a new home, the extras are financed into your new mortgage. When you buy existing, you’re going to be coming up with another way—outside the mortgage—to finance upgrades, renovations and repairs.

• Energy savings. Investing in an energy-friendly home is likely to be a better long-term investment. New homes have a tighter-sealed building envelope that helps prevent conditioned air—cool air in the summer, warm air in the winter—from literally going out the window and through the cracks like in an existing home. This can be a huge cost savings for years and years of paying energy bills for the new homebuyer.

• Greater comfort and indoor air quality. Today’s new homes meet stringent energy standards and codes that weren’t required in the past. Your new home will have high-performance energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration. You’ll be more comfortable all year round and the air you breathe will be of much better quality compared with that of an existing home.

• Home warranty, no surprises. Many new homes come with a warranty which can save lots of money down the line. One new home owner put it this way: “I won’t have to replace a roof or air conditioner for at least a decade.” In a new home, warranties begin from the closing date. Appliances generally have a one-year builder’s warranty as well as a manufacturer’s warranty. The thought of getting a home where the major things are covered for anywhere from one year to 20 years gives most of us a lot of peace.

• Updated construction and safety codes. In an existing home, inspections often reveal structural, electrical, moisture and other significant issues. You want to be sure the home you move your family into is built to last to the latest construction and safety standards.

Open Concept Great Room, Dining Room and Kitchen• Environmentally up to date. Many new homes come with energy certifications covering everything from roofs to appliance packages, while often, existing homes were built to lower standards. As times change and technology advances, these innovations are folded into upgraded building and environmental codes.

• Fire safety. New homes often include fire safety features not present in homes built years ago. For example, today fire retardant is used in carpeting and in the home insulation.

• Financing. New home buyers may be able to take advantage of mortgage financing perks. Negotiating points, closing costs and buy-downs are factors to ask questions about to save money and get the best possible financing.

• A brand-new community. This may be one of the most overlooked benefits of buying new instead of existing. When families move in to a subdivision at the same time, lasting bonds of friendship and neighborliness can be formed right away. Everybody’s new and looking to make new friends. Plus, many new neighborhoods offer amenities like swimming pools, dog walking trails, neighborhood retail and restaurants that existing communities may not have.

When you’re ready to build, we’ll walk with you through every step of the process. Take a look at our home building process. We want you to have the home you’re dreaming of!

Historic Nolensville: One very cool little town

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Take a strong dose of history, combine it with great little shops, an up-and-coming Market Square, award-winning restaurants, and a village feel where the people know each other and welcome newcomers…and you’re talking about Nolensville, Tennessee.

Now one of the hottest family destinations in middle Tennessee, Nolensville is a great example of a small town feel with an excellent location and great amenities.

Even as we write this, a town center Market Square is being designed, funded and built. The vision for this new downtown gathering place includes spaces for the community to gather, with children playing in open areas, people wandering in and out of locally owned shops, and friends sipping coffee outdoors at their favorite bistros or enjoying a leisurely lunch at one of the many great food stops. It will have a strong local feel coupled with great things to do.Band Playing at the Buttercup Festival, Nolensville TN

In Nolensville, neighborhoods are growing, churches are springing up and the excellent Williamson County schools anchor the community. The town truly accommodates the old and the new harmoniously—you can stop by the six properties listed on the Historic Register or mark your calendar and enjoy a morning or afternoon at annual events like the Buttercup Festival, coming up April 14. The Buttercup Festival is an all-day downtown event featuring live music, great food, games, artisan vendors and of course, buttercups to enjoy. Later this year, check out the Broken Wheel Festival, which brings in great live music to raise funds to support Round-Up for Nolensville, a local organization serving residents in need with food (in partnership with the Nolensville Food Pantry), clothing, medical expenses, housing, and transportation assistance, school and career necessities.

Starting May 5 through October 2, be sure to visit the Nolensville Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning between 8 a.m. and Noon at the historic Nolensville school. This producer-only market offers fresh, local Farmer's Market Fresh Vegatablesfood, including organic or naturally grown produce, meats, baked goods, farm fresh eggs, crafts and food trucks from local farmers and artisans. The Nolensville Farmer’s Market is a great place to pick up your weekend groceries, grab a bite to eat and meet your neighbors.

Nolensville combines the best of small-town living with great activities and a friendly atmosphere! Please check out our neighborhoods in Nolensville, including Sherwood Green Estates featuring single-family homes, Carothers Farms, featuring both single-family homes and townhomes, Burkitt Springs and Burkitt Village featuring single-family home, and our newest community, Burkitt Commons, a walkable mixed-use community featuring townhomes!



Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Family

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You walk in the front door of a home you’re thinking of buying…and you fall in love immediately. Or, you don’t like it at all. Sign the purchase contract or walk out the door?

Why not slow down for just a minute? Let’s look at four factors fundamental to choosing the right floor plan for your family in your next new home.

• Size and shape
Size should be your first consideration. Every family doesn’t need a huge house, just like every family won’t feel comfortable in a smaller two-bedroom home. Choosing a floor plan starts with how large a home fits your lifestyle. Assess how many bedrooms you’ll require for your children and how many bathrooms are enough for your family plus guests. Do you want all of the bedrooms on the same floor or separated for privacy? Do you want a formal dining room? How many living areas? What about outdoor spaces? If you’re building, don’t run the risk of over-building or under-building for the neighborhood. Letting size be the first driving factor will help narrow your decision-making process.

• Pros and cons
When children are younger, it’s great to have rooms that are open and connected so you can be fully present while still enjoying and using your home. But later on, you’ll want more separation for privacy for everybody. Right now, think about this and consider making a percentage of your ground floor open and a percentage with separated areas. Another example is the large windows that let in natural light but also increase energy cooling and heating costs. Think about the pros and cons—now and today—of the key factors of your new home.

• Style matters
You already have your own personal design style so choosing a floor plan that meets your needs is key. If you lean toward traditional with lots of separation or if you gravitate to contemporary openness, these are key factors that play out in your choices. What kind of furnishings and décor do you have now? Unless you’re going for a complete change, integrating your personal style and current possessions is a strong consideration. The home’s flow and color scheme are especially important in an open floor plan where the sight line continues. Don’t get wowed by the upgraded floors, countertops, and appliances—those things can always be added. Imagine the home completely bare bones, with only the layout as the key factor.

• Finally, do trust your instincts
That feeling you had when you walked in the door—trust it. Many of us instinctively know when the home feels like “us.” Take these instincts into consideration when you’re considering different floor plans. What does the house feel like? Do you want all of the bedrooms on the same floor or separated for privacy? Don’t be afraid to look at something different, but remember your gut reactions when making your final decision.

We have lots of great floor plans for you to choose from, ranging from townhomes to condos to single-family homes. There is something for everybody. Take a look under Floor Plans on our website menu.





Create a Seaside Atmosphere in Your Home

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Summertime brings about welcoming warm weather, sweet summer treats, and dreamy beach vacations. While the nearest beach to Nashville is 7 hours away, that doesn’t mean you cannot bring the beach to you!

Give your home a summer refresh. Now is the perfect time to create a seaside atmosphere in your home!

Luscious Light Color Palettes
Replicate the soothing ocean vibe we all enjoy with luscious light tones. Hues of light blues, greens, and taupe offer homeowners a calming, beachside atmosphere. Combining earthy tones helps bring the outdoors in, while still fitting traditional home color schemes.

Open Air Living
Seaside escapes are known for their open-air living concepts. To replicate this highly sought after feature while also accommodating for Middle Tennessee’s chilly winters, consider simple, light fabrics for window treatments.

Soft Seaside Décor
Soft linens, casual furnishings, natural fibers and textures, and light tones create a calming seaside presence in your home. Pick a cohesive color scheme and select elements that work with your current home. Add in touches of glass and mirrors for a subtle sparkling element, representative of the ocean.

Simple Summer Centerpieces
Creating a cool coastal home does not always require shells and seahorses. Consider creating artful centerpieces that represent the summer season. Fill a vase with seaside-toned flowers, such as hydrangeas for a simple yet stunning centerpiece. For a more beachside feel, fill small glass containers with sand, add in candles, and enjoy a gentle glow in the evening.

Beachy Porches and Patios
The warmer season brings about summer gatherings and poolside parties. Create an outdoor island hangout by adding in neutral furniture with inviting cushions for your morning coffee or happy hour cocktails.

Explore your creativity! Make your home feel like a simple seaside retreat each and every day. Incorporating beachy elements creates a classy coastal vibe that will make every day feel like a vacation.

Start living the seaside life!

Keeping Mosquitos Out of Your Home

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Summer is here, which means the weather is heating up. Mosquitos are in full force in Middle Tennessee. It is time to protect your family and loved ones. Today, we are exploring 7 natural ways to keep the mosquitos away.

• Essential Oils
Essential oils have proven effective for a number of uses ranging from migraine relief to personal beauty care. Several essential oils can be used in a vaporizer to repel mosquitos, including Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint essential oil.

 •  Bug Repellent
Whether indoors or out, a natural bug repellent will ensure mosquitos stay away from you and your loved one. Mix 25-30 drops of lavender essential oils with 2 tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil. Rub onto skin to prevent mosquito bites.

 •  Citronella Candles
Citronella candles are a great natural mosquito repellent. Natural Citronella candles ensure you are not emitting harmful toxins. Create your own to burn anytime you want your home to stay mosquito-free.

 •  Dry Ice
Place dry ice in a bowl a short distance away from you. The dry ice will attract mosquitos, allowing you to trap mosquitos with a lid and remove from your home.

 •  Coffee Grounds
Sprinkle coffee grounds at the source of still water in your home. Mosquito eggs will be forced to the surface, depriving them of oxygen and eliminating the breeding process.

•   Basil
Place planted basil throughout your home and garden, as a natural repellent. The plants can double as a source of fresh basil for summer recipes.

 •  Plants
Shrubs, trees, and plants can keep your home and yard mosquito free. Tulsi, Marigolds, Neem, Lavender, and Lemongrass all include repellent properties.

Ready to repel pesky mosquitos? Lockout mosquitos for a pest-free summer season.

10 Reasons to Move to Middle Tennessee

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Summer is almost here and it’s moving season!

Did you know approximately 11.2% of Americans move each year? Seeking a change in your life? We are here to give you 10 reasons why you should make a move – to Middle Tennessee!

• Business-Friendly Environment
Middle Tennessee is known to foster a business-friendly environment. Middle Tennessee boasts a number of Fortune 500 companies, and many US headquarters locations including Caterpillar Financial Services Corporations, Cracker Barrel, Country Music Television, Dollar General, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, Hobby Lobby International, Nissan North America, O’Charleys, Pinnacle Financial, and Tractor Supply Company to name a few.

•  Extra Money In Your Pocket
If you are looking for a place to make your dollar go a little farther, look no further! Tennessee residences enjoy no personal state income tax.

•  Commuter Friendly
Tired of wasting time on the morning commute? Middle Tennesseans enjoy an average commute of 26 minutes . Spend more time enjoying the city, and less time on the road.

•  Superb Schools
Middle Tennessee enjoys a number of top-rated school districts, ensuring families a quality education. In addition, Middle Tennessee offers top-tier universities including the highly ranked Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, and Belmont University.

•  Southern Charm
If you have never experienced Middle Tennessee’s southern charm first hand, you are missing out. Locals enjoy a friendly, family oriented atmosphere as well as a low crime rate.

•  Creative Culture
For those that enjoy culture, Middle Tennessee will be music to your ears. Nashville is known as Music City for a reason. Concerts are offered throughout the city. Catch a concert at Ryman Auditorium, or Bridgestone Arena, or the Ascend Amphitheater, or check out the infamous Country Music Awards.

•  Extra Entertainment
For the die-hard sports fans, unleash your inner sports fanatic at a Tennessee Titan game, or a Nashville Sounds game, or cool down at a Nashville Predator’s ice hockey game. For the college fans, enjoy a SEC sports experience at a Vanderbilt University match or a Middle Tennessee State University match.

•  Enjoyable Environment
Middle Tennessee enjoys a true “four seasons.” The average high is around 70, and the region is known to have a longer fall and spring season, making winter and summer more enjoyable!

•  Walkable Communities
Along with a great environment, Middle Tennessee offers wonderful walkable communities. Nashville boasts a Walk Score of 90 – a walker’s paradise.  Family-friendly and strategically located, families and singles have the opportunity to enjoy all that Middle Tennessee has to offer right at their doorstep.

•  Booming Real Estate Market
Middle Tennessee is the place to be! With a booming real estate market, now is the time to make your move. Find a walkable community complete with biking trails, nature preserves, and resort style pools, or make your move to the country and enjoy a piece of paradise.

Ready to make the change? Explore our Community Locator Map to find your perfect home. Regent Homes is here to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Keeping Cool – The Best Window Coverings for Summer

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Homeowners often utilize window treatments for aesthetic appeal over function. With careful placement and material sourcing, homeowners have the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and keep their home cool in the summer.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), homeowners have a number of options that provide a plethora of home benefits.

When trying to reduce heat gain in the summer, add interior blinds – a simple and effective solution of reducing heat and sunlight. Reflective blinds (shades of white) have the ability to reduce heat gain by 45 percent.

Shades are considered the most effective and simple way to save energy according to the DOE. To add an element of functionality, choose reversible shades that have a dark coating on one side and light shade on the other. These shades can be reversed depending on the season, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A number of factors are used to determine the effectiveness of draperies – fabric type being one of the most important.  During the summertime, draperies should be placed on windows that receive direct sunlight.

Want to reduce the heat on the outside of your home? Add an awning, which can reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows according to the DOE.

Looking to take cool to the next level? Investing in Low-E windows minimizes the infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the glass while still allowing light to be transmitted. Low-E glass includes a transparent coating, which reflects heat.

Each Regent Home comes equipped with Low-E 71/38 windows with vinyl frames. The ClimaGuard 71/38 window glass significantly reduces solar heat and damaging radiation without sacrificing clear views and daylight. In return, air conditioning expenses are reduces and residence enjoy a more comfortable living environment. Want to learn more about EnergySmart features incorporated in every Regent Home? Read about what an EnergySmart home means for homeowners [here].

Summer is right around the corner. Find the options that work best for your home, and keep cool this summer!

Keeping Clean – Laundry Room Organization

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Laundry rooms come in all shapes in sizes. Whether your room is oversized or compact, laundry room organization is key.

Looking to clean up your space? You’re in luck! Today, we are sharing 7 tips to keep your laundry room clean and organized.

• Store Laundry Detergent in a Beverage Dispenser
Laundry detergent can be messy and unsightly. Put a twist on your laundry, and utilize glass beverage dispensers as your new favorite tool! These dispensers will appear more attractive on a shelf and require no heavy lifting.

This trick also works great with softener. You may also add a chalkboard label for an extra personalized touch!

•  Store Tide Pods in Glass Jars
Tide Pods often come in bulky, bright containers. Transfer these handy laundry room essentials to a glass cookie jar, for a more streamlined appearance.

If you are in a home with small children, simply store on a high shelf, or in an unreachable cabinet space.

• Utilize Designated Hampers
No matter what size your laundry room is, separating laundry ahead of time is a must for busy families. Incorporate at least three baskets – lights, darks, and delicates. Many choose a fourth basket for towels.

Working with a small space and are limited on your number of baskets? Incorporate a triple laundry hamper cart. This handy tool is both compact and moveable, as it has four wheels for ease of use.

• Add a Drying Bar
For shirts that are best served-air dried, add a drying bar that will hold several shirts that do not go in the drying cycle. Air-drying will prevent shrinkage and will keep your clothes looking their best. Many households choose to install their drying bar right above the washer and dryer, but you may store the bar wherever you see fit.

• Stack the Washer and Dryer for Tighter Spaces
Most front-loading washer and dryers sets allow for stacking, which saves precious space in small laundry rooms. Larger spaces also work great with this technique, as it adds more room for additional storage.

• Mount Bulkier Items
Bulky items take up much-needed space in your laundry room. Mount brooms, dusters, and ironing boards. You can also add an over-the-door storage set for store smaller items.

• Find a Place for Everything
Creating a storage space that works for you is essential to keeping your laundry room clean. Add wall hutches, shelves, and cabinets for a custom-feel room. If desired, display your laundry detergent dispensers, and hide bulkier items such as your iron.

Take a weekend, and implement the tips and tricks that work best for your space. Before you know it, you will have a Pinterest-worthy laundry room that will be the envy of all of your friends and family.

Clean up your space, and enjoy your new laundry room organization.

All About Planting in Your Zone

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Many factors affect a plant’s health and well-being – temperature being one of the most important. In order to sustain the life of your new plants, finding your zone is key. Planting for your zone will ensure that your plants thrive in your local region.

USDA Hardiness Zones
The USDA has developed a plant hardiness zone map, which designates when and where specific plants can survive. The US is broken down into 11 zones, 1 being the coldest, and 11 being the warmest.

For example, Regent Homes headquarters of Nashville, Tennessee is designated as Zone 7a, meaning our average annual extreme minimum temperature is 0 to 5 degrees.

We would then use this information to pick the proper plants that would have the best chance of survival in our winter weather.

Plant tags and seed packages designate hardiness zones, which help you determine if the plant is suitable to survive your winter.

Want to find your zone? Visit the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone website, enter your zip code, and learn more.

Knowing your zone is key, as the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone is the standard across the US.

AHS Plant Heat Zone Map
While winter weather is important in determining plant survival, heat plays a crucial role as well. The American Horticultural Society developed a Plant Heat Zone map, which establishes heat tolerance.

The map breaks the US down into 12 zones, based on heat days – temperatures over 86 degrees. This is the point that plants begin to suffer heat damage.

Similar to Hardiness Zones, many plant tags are also coded for heat zones. Heat zones can be used to establish heat tolerance, and the proper season for which a plant should be planted outdoors.

Finding the Right Plants
Now that you have a better understanding of hardiness and heat zones, how do you establish which plants are right for you?

Plant Tags
If you have questions on what plants are best for your zone, your local nursery is a great place to start. Plant tags often designate cold and heat hardiness zones. Experts can also assist in picking the best plants for your needs.

Plant Finders
Looking to start your search online? The Missouri Botanical Gardens provides a comprehensive search tool that allows you to input key information, such as: zone, sun, water, bloom time, and more. Enter your criteria, and find what plants work best for you. To find your plants, visit the Plant Finder  page on their website.

Planting for your zone may sound complicated, but choosing the best plants ensures health and longevity. Enjoy the spring, and see how planting for your zone can benefit your home garden!

Spring Into Home Maintenance

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You’ve been waiting for months, and it’s finally arrived! That light jacket, nice breeze, blooming flowers, sunshiny spring weather is here, and it’s sure to turn your winter frown upside down.

So, how can you shake off winter and prep your house for that better weather? Check out our ideas for getting your home in tip-top spring shape.

Rejuvenated Roof
It’s essential. Your first line of defense from the elements. Now is the time to get your roof inspected for any winter precipitation damage or loose shingles.

Glamorous Gutters
It’s not a glamorous job, but someone’s gotta get up there, roll up the sleeves, and clean out those gutters. Make sure they’re cleared of leaves and debris and have no cracks that could potentially lead to water damage in your home.

Fresh Filters
Change out your air filters to ensure no debris creates blockages in your AC that keep you from cooling down when the summer heats up.

Suitable Screens
Picture yourself sitting around the table with that natural breeze cooling down your home instead of turning on the AC. Ahhh, you can just feel it now. Clean your screens with soap and water and patch up any potential holes so you can keep the windows open all night long. Use the extra cash from your AC bill to get yourself an ice cream instead.

Pick your Paint
Refresh your winter warped paint on the outside of your home (and inside if you’re feeling spring clean crazy!). Get the whole family together for a paint party this spring. Kill two birds with one stone by making your home look fantastic while also protecting it from the weather elements.

Laborious Lawnmower
It’s everyone’s favorite chore! (Notice the hint of sarcasm) In all seriousness, your yard will look great this spring and summer so long as your lawnmower is in good shape. It might need an oil change, or the blades sharpened to get that clean cut, fresh look.

Strong Seals
No, not the adorable sea creatures. It’s a perfect time to check the seals around your windows and doors after all that winter weather to keep the cool air in and the bills down.

Bountiful BBQ
We all love our spring and summer BBQs. Take a peek at your BBQ and make sure it’s cleaned out and ready to be fired up on a nice night with friends and family.

Phew! That was a little hard but necessary work. Your future self will thank you for lower cost bills, less potential for damages, and a beautiful home and yard.

Happy Spring Cleaning!