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How to Beat the Winter Blues

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Winter weather can be rather frightful at times, as it has the ability to affect our moods and level of happiness and lead to seasonal depression. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, affects approximately 10 million people in the United States.

Today we are sharing five scientifically-backed tips to beat the winter blues and live a happy, healthier life this winter season.

 •  Brighten Your Environment
A brighter environment can make a world of a difference on a gloomy winter’s day. Remove the screens out of your windows if you aren’t planning on opening them and see the instant change the extra light can make. Sit close to the windows to experience additional sunlight in your home. Lighting candles will add an inviting element, and removing area rugs will allow natural light to shine off hardwood floors.

•  Stick to the Schedule
The winter blues often leave us feeling the need to stay at home. Sticking with your routine schedule will leave you feeling happier and healthier, and can help combat seasonal affective disorder.

•  Spend Time Socializing
A study (link to: conducted by University College Dublin tested whether or not socialization helps alleviate symptoms of depression. At the end of the study, all participants reported feeling better about themselves, having more confidence, and experiencing fewer symptoms of depression. Partaking in social activities outside of your home environment will leave you feeling more engaged in your community, as well as reduce the feeling of being isolated. Grab a cup of coffee with a friend, or join a book club at your local library.

Volunteering is also a great tool when trying to beat the winter blues. Are you wanting to get involved in your community but don’t know where to start? Check out Volunteer Match (link to: where you can enter your interests and be matched with a number of great opportunities in your community.

•  Listen to Motivating Music
A 2013 study (link to: found that participants who listened to cheery music improved their mood in the short term, and boosted their overall happiness in the long term.

•  Keep Moving
According to a recently updated study (link to:, regular exercise changes the brain by improving memory and thinking skills. Regular aerobic exercise can positively impact individuals, especially during the dreary winter months.

A half hour of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week is the standard recommendation. Try staying active during the winter months, and experience the incredible health benefits for yourself!

Don’t let the cold, gloomy days of winter get you down. Take the opportunity to try these five helpful tips, and see the positive changes they can make in your own life today.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Statistic


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