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Resolved to Stay Fit This Year? Create a Home Gym

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The clock struck midnight, the ball dropped, and with loud cheers, we welcomed the New Year. With the arrival of 2017, we welcome New Year’s resolutions.

Resolving to stay fit this year? We have just the solution for you – three simple steps to create a home gym!

•  Your Home Is a Gym
The first step in creating an ideal home gym is establishing a designated room or area for your workouts and equipment. Many individuals choose to utilize a flex space or bonus room as a home gym. Several of Regent’s new construction homes incorporate bonus rooms and flex rooms that allow you to workout room from home.

A second great feature of utilizing a flex space or bonus room is the location, as the room is not the focal point of the home, leaving a blank canvas for you to work with. You may choose to give your space a gym feel with a mounted television and sound system or opt to take a more simplistic approach with a basic organization and flow of the space.

•  Set Personal Goals and Develop a Workout Routine
To develop a workout routine that is beneficial, you must first set goals – this is a New Year’s resolution after all.

Examples of Goals to Set
• To get in shape
•  To drop 2 dress sizes
•  To build muscle
•  To work out 4 times a week

Goals are essential, as they will help you develop and establish a home workout routine. Not sure where to start? Many websites have free, at-home workout guides that are a great place for inspiration.

•  Choosing Equipment and Organization
When selecting equipment, begin by establishing what tools you already have in your home, and what equipment you will need for your workouts. You may not realize that you already have some beneficial tools that will compliment your at home routine. After combining in-home items and a few purchases, you will have the perfect at-home gym.

Many homes include a staircase that serves a variety of functions. You can use stairs for lunges, incline and decline pushups, and calf raises. Home models such as our Belmont, Rutledge, and Mt. View at Sherwood Green Estates and the Eulas Glen community have the beneficial feature of a staircase that leads up to the bonus room – the perfect setup!

Swiss Ball
A Swiss ball will add a twist to abdominal exercises. In addition to a great workout tool, Swiss balls are great for kids to play with around the house. These helpful workout tools can be stored in the closet, or against the wall to keep your room looking organized at all times.

Pull-up Bar
Pull-up bars are an easy addition to your workout room. Simply choose a wall mount or door frame brace, and begin to develop your upper back muscles.

Dumbbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can range from a simple interchangeable set to a complete weight set on a tiered rack. Choose a set based on you, and your families’ needs, as this is one of the most highly customizable options for your space.

Cardio is a key factor in a well-balanced workout regiment. Utilize your home’s features to get your cardio in. Your backyard or community serves as the perfect place for shuttle runs, and you can take your jump rope outside to get your heart rate up.

Aerobic Exercises
Your at home gym is the perfect space to add in aerobic machine equipment. Depending on your personal preferences, invest in a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine. Be sure to choose a quality machine in this category, as it can make the difference in long-term performance and joint health.

Organizing Your Space
If using a flex, study, or bonus room, establishing an organizational system that works best for you is key. Workouts that require lots of small weights and items store well in plastic storage shelves found at your local home store. If utilizing a spare bedroom where the room is out of sight, some homeowners choose to install shelving and mirrors, to give the room a true gym feeling. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for finding a design that flows well with your lifestyle and floorplan.

You may choose to add mats throughout, as well. In addition, cabinets work great to store various equipment, towels, and odds and ends to keep your space free from obstacles and clutter.

Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds or to become a marathon runner, the right tools and organization can take your workout to the next level. We believe your home should be designed to match your lifestyle. Take the opportunity the New Year presents to create your home gym – a new year means a new you!


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