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Create a Seaside Atmosphere in Your Home

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: June 8, 2017 | Comments Off on Create a Seaside Atmosphere in Your Home

Summertime brings about welcoming warm weather, sweet summer treats, and dreamy beach vacations. While the nearest beach to Nashville is 7 hours away, that doesn’t mean you cannot bring the beach to you!

Give your home a summer refresh. Now is the perfect time to create a seaside atmosphere in your home!

Luscious Light Color Palettes
Replicate the soothing ocean vibe we all enjoy with luscious light tones. Hues of light blues, greens, and taupe offer homeowners a calming, beachside atmosphere. Combining earthy tones helps bring the outdoors in, while still fitting traditional home color schemes.

Open Air Living
Seaside escapes are known for their open-air living concepts. To replicate this highly sought after feature while also accommodating for Middle Tennessee’s chilly winters, consider simple, light fabrics for window treatments.

Soft Seaside Décor
Soft linens, casual furnishings, natural fibers and textures, and light tones create a calming seaside presence in your home. Pick a cohesive color scheme and select elements that work with your current home. Add in touches of glass and mirrors for a subtle sparkling element, representative of the ocean.

Simple Summer Centerpieces
Creating a cool coastal home does not always require shells and seahorses. Consider creating artful centerpieces that represent the summer season. Fill a vase with seaside-toned flowers, such as hydrangeas for a simple yet stunning centerpiece. For a more beachside feel, fill small glass containers with sand, add in candles, and enjoy a gentle glow in the evening.

Beachy Porches and Patios
The warmer season brings about summer gatherings and poolside parties. Create an outdoor island hangout by adding in neutral furniture with inviting cushions for your morning coffee or happy hour cocktails.

Explore your creativity! Make your home feel like a simple seaside retreat each and every day. Incorporating beachy elements creates a classy coastal vibe that will make every day feel like a vacation.

Start living the seaside life!


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