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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Family

Categories: Home Buying Guide | Posted: March 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Family

You walk in the front door of a home you’re thinking of buying…and you fall in love immediately. Or, you don’t like it at all. Sign the purchase contract or walk out the door?

Why not slow down for just a minute? Let’s look at four factors fundamental to choosing the right floor plan for your family in your next new home.

• Size and shape
Size should be your first consideration. Every family doesn’t need a huge house, just like every family won’t feel comfortable in a smaller two-bedroom home. Choosing a floor plan starts with how large a home fits your lifestyle. Assess how many bedrooms you’ll require for your children and how many bathrooms are enough for your family plus guests. Do you want all of the bedrooms on the same floor or separated for privacy? Do you want a formal dining room? How many living areas? What about outdoor spaces? If you’re building, don’t run the risk of over-building or under-building for the neighborhood. Letting size be the first driving factor will help narrow your decision-making process.

• Pros and cons
When children are younger, it’s great to have rooms that are open and connected so you can be fully present while still enjoying and using your home. But later on, you’ll want more separation for privacy for everybody. Right now, think about this and consider making a percentage of your ground floor open and a percentage with separated areas. Another example is the large windows that let in natural light but also increase energy cooling and heating costs. Think about the pros and cons—now and today—of the key factors of your new home.

• Style matters
You already have your own personal design style so choosing a floor plan that meets your needs is key. If you lean toward traditional with lots of separation or if you gravitate to contemporary openness, these are key factors that play out in your choices. What kind of furnishings and décor do you have now? Unless you’re going for a complete change, integrating your personal style and current possessions is a strong consideration. The home’s flow and color scheme are especially important in an open floor plan where the sight line continues. Don’t get wowed by the upgraded floors, countertops, and appliances—those things can always be added. Imagine the home completely bare bones, with only the layout as the key factor.

• Finally, do trust your instincts
That feeling you had when you walked in the door—trust it. Many of us instinctively know when the home feels like “us.” Take these instincts into consideration when you’re considering different floor plans. What does the house feel like? Do you want all of the bedrooms on the same floor or separated for privacy? Don’t be afraid to look at something different, but remember your gut reactions when making your final decision.

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