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How Do You Know If You’re Ready To Build A New Home?

Categories: Home Buying Guide | Posted: April 27, 2018 | Comments Off on How Do You Know If You’re Ready To Build A New Home?

Building a new home can be a great process that ends with exactly what you’re dreaming of for you and your family. To help you start the thinking process, take a look at some of these key indicators you might just be getting the bug to build:

• You’re driving around on weekends looking at lots and new construction coming out of the ground. Deciding where you want to build and getting a feel for the neighborhood is a great way to narrow the focus. Pay attention to home design, square footage and the location that’s best for what’s important to you and your family.

• You’ve crunched the numbers. Home ownership can actually be much less expensive than renting (especially with the high rents we’re seeing in middle Tennessee these days!), plus it’s also true that a new home can be built for the same price as a pre-owned home. Start putting pencil to paper—or fingers to calculator—to get some clarity on the financial side.

• You’re Googling neighborhoods and looking at blog posts like this one that talks about the new home construction process. That’s great! You’re doing your homework, which is key. The more you know, the better the process of building is going to be.

• You want new. Some people prefer a new home, with everything brand spanking clean and fresh, just waiting for you and your family. It’s true that there are fewer surprises with a brand new home, and watching it go up will help you know what’s there, from the foundation up.

• You’re on Pinterest building boards like never before. It’s really fun to dream about applying your own taste, ideas and design to a blank slate. If you’re dreaming of this type of creative collaboration, it could be a sign you’re ready to build.

• You’re hearing friends talk about building. A lot of people build at least one home, and often more, in their lifetimes. It’s a learning process and can be very rewarding with the right builder and good partners like a helpful mortgage broker and real estate agent.

If you’d like to sit down and explore the idea of building a new home, we’d love to do that with you. Please give us a call, text or send us an email and let’s have coffee!



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