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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your New Home Builder

Categories: Home Buying Guide | Posted: April 6, 2018 | Comments Off on Top 10 Questions to Ask Your New Home Builder

It’s a good idea to formulate a list of questions as you work on selecting a builder for your new home. Here are a few to get your thinking started.

•  Why are you the best builder for me? Asking this question will stimulate good conversation about your builder’s strengths, and should stimulate some good questions from your builder about your wants and needs. Hiring the right builder is the most important decision you’re going to make, so choose wisely.

• What’s the process for building a home? This is a key question to talk about with your builder. You’ll want to get a general overview of what will happen over the next weeks and months because building a custom home is a long process, and it’s going to require a time commitment from you.

• What is my role going to be throughout the construction process? Get some ideas from your builder about what will be required from you regarding design selections and turnaround time. The process will move slower at times and faster at others, so it’s good to be thinking ahead.

• What will be the communication process between you and me? I can’t overstate how important this is. Lack of communication leads to a host of problems, perceived and otherwise. Will you talk once a week, regardless? Will your conference call or email? Understand the parameters and intent from the start.

• Should we hire an interior designer? This is a critical question to discuss fully with your builder. A great designer can be an excellent partner with you and your builder throughout the process, and can greatly reduce the time constraints on you. Of course, it’s an additional cost, so get clear about roles and responsibilities early.

• What style and size will work best for you and your family? Often, size is driven by where you build, but think about whether you want the largest home or the smallest home in your area or neighborhood? Also, style of home is a practical matter that takes your tastes into consideration, not to mention repurposing the furniture and possessions you already have!

• How will we handle mistakes during the process? These may be mistakes you make in terms of design selection or potential mistakes you identify by the builder. What’s going to happen when this happens? Good to have an idea on the front end.

• What can you afford? How will you handle decisions that change the total cost? Clearly, how much money you are spending on possibly your largest investment in your life is a key consideration. Often, what starts out as “the price” ends up being larger. What’s the best way to handle this? Talk with your builder and get that person’s advice about this important consideration.

• How long will the construction process take? What can and will cause delays? You’ll need to have a pretty good idea from the beginning about a target move-in date, but be ready for delays.

• Is there a better time of year to start a home build to get it done faster? Weather, as you know, is always a factor. Learn what might work best for you and your builder’s situation.

We’d love to be the builder of your next new home, and love sitting down with people to see what might be possible. Give us a call anytime!

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