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10 Patio Ideas for Entertaining

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: May 11, 2018 | Comments Off on 10 Patio Ideas for Entertaining

Isn’t it fun to entertain outside? Having a dedicated space, like a patio or deck, for spring, summer and fall gatherings extends your living space and adds a certain fun and casual element to get-togethers.

What makes a good patio setting for entertaining?
• Plan for shade: A roof or umbrella is just about essentials in the hot South. Take a look at how the sun hits your patio and decide what you need.
• Seating and tables: If your space is small, consider a grouping of chairs around a small center table, or a table and chairs for larger spaces.

• Access: Are you going to be coming into the space from inside or outside? Consider adding a paver path to direct guests right to the patio.

• Décor: Add outdoor plants in pots around the patio to set the stage. Plus, colorful plastic ware is readily available just about anywhere to create that casual mood.

• Serving: Having a foldout patio table for serving is a great addition, and you can put it away when it’s not needed. Also, tall metal tubs on stands are a great way to ice down beverages.

• Grill: Be sure you’ve got the type of grill that can accommodate a crowd, and get it cleaned early. Consider adding a smoker for great BBQs.

• Extra seating: it’s kind of a trend now to have rustic benches or vintage metal chairs for extra outdoor seating and these add a cool vibe to your outdoor setting.

• Lighting and music: consider getting your outdoor patio area wired for lights and some speakers.

• For winter gatherings: If you’re ready to take the next step, consider adding an outdoor fireplace. It makes for a great way to get outside during chillier seasons.

• Water feature: Adding a small fountain or pool not only creates a focal point, but the sound of moving water is calming and sets a great stage for guests.

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