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Create an Accent Wall

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: February 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Create an Accent Wall

Tired of coming home to your dull, beige colored walls each day? Looking for a change?

Bring life to your space with an accent wall. This easy update is sure to deliver big results to your next home project.

Follow our 5 simple steps, and see what a difference a fresh coat of paint can do for you and your home.

Pick Your Wall
Where are your eyes drawn each time you enter the room? Choose the wall that will accent the room best.

In a living room, the focal point is usually the wall with architectural detail, such as a fireplace or built-in bookshelves. Often, the best wall in your bedroom is the headboard wall. Adding a pop of color will add just the right contrast to freshen up the look of your room.

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule
When choosing the perfect paint color, do not let the number of options overwhelm you. Instead, follow the 60-30-10 rule, which states:
60 Percent:  60% of the room represents your dominant color choice, including painted surfaces and décor. In a living room, this would be most of your walls, accent pieces such as large area rugs, and a sofa.

30 Percent: 30% is your secondary color, which includes accent chairs, painted furniture, bed linens, draperies, and most importantly, your accent wall.

10 Percent: 10% is the accent color, which includes throw pillows and artwork.

Pick Up the Paint
After establishing the perfect color scheme for your room, head to your local home improvement store to pick out your accent color. Color palettes are a great tool in selecting the shade that will fit your room best.

Be sure to buy a can of primer if you plan on painting a light color over a dark color, or if you are covering up semi-gloss or gloss paint.

Line Away
When it comes to painters tape, be sure you do not cut any corners. Carefully line the wall, as paint roller lines will become very visible against the contrasting walls.

Covering your floors with a protective covering, such as a drop cloth or plastic sheet, guarantees a mess-free project for you and your home.

Paint, Paint, Paint
Once your room is prepped and ready to go, apply your primer as directed. Apply two coats of your accent color, for optimal results.

Allow your walls time to cure, and take into consideration any conditions such as humidity that may add time to the process. Once cured, remove your floor coverings and painters tape, and enjoy your new room!

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for a home – both new and old. Create your own accent wall, and enjoy the positive changes it can make!

2017 Owner’s Suite Trends

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: January 22, 2017 | Comments Off on 2017 Owner’s Suite Trends

Home is where you make it yours. Every homeowner deserves their private escape when they come home each day. Owner’s suites are the perfect place for modern homebuyers to escape after a long day. Let’s take a look at a few of the hottest trends to transform your owner’s suite in 2017.

Multi-Purpose Space
2017 is all about establishing a multi-purpose space that works best for you. Creating a living space or reading nook offers the sophistication you seek, with the functionality of a private living space.

Many homeowners also choose to set up an office space, which creates a warm and welcoming space for you to work from home.

Modern Conveniences
If you are looking to take your owner’s suite to the next level, make it a room that you never have to leave. Add a coffee bar and espresso maker – your morning cup of joe will be just steps away.

If luxury is what you seek, try adding a hotel-esque feel to your space. Luxurious window treatments, crisp neutral bedding, an abundance of pillows, and lavish lighting will leave you feeling like you have five-star accommodations every night.

Fun Feature Walls
If you want to dive into one of 2017’s hottest trends, consider a fun feature wall for your home. Patterned wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to take a wall from drab to fun and fab.

Texture is another great element to introduce into your space. Wood adds an outdoor element, while stone or colored paneling add an unexpected dimension.

Your owner’s suite is the one place in your home that is all about you. Whether you desire simplicity or luxury, adding personal details and touches will bring a smile to your face each and every day.

Winter Home Decorating Trends

Categories: Decorating Ideas, Seasonal Decorating Trends | Posted: December 15, 2016 | Comments Off on Winter Home Decorating Trends

The weather outside is frightful, but the inside of your home is sure to be delightful.  It is the time of year where we transition from warm hues of fall to neutral, nature-esque finishes.

We have five of the latest trends to warm up your home just in time for the change in winter weather!

Delightful Serving Pieces

The winter season brings about an abundance of winter parties. Fun serving pieces add the perfect finishing touches to any party or dinner.

Using a vintage fruit crate to hold silverware and dishware adds the perfect rustic and elegant touch to any home. Set the crate out on the dining room table, or incorporate it on your kitchen island dinner buffet.

Displaying Christmas cookies on a kitchen counter is also a great addition to add to a homey feeling in the colder months of winter. Use several pedestal jars of varying heights, fill with fresh baked cookies, and you’re ready for guests to come and enjoy!

Artful Wreaths

This year, wreaths can be used as a unique art piece in your home. Bring the outdoors into your home with a festive Douglas fir or Evergreen wreath. Not only do they look good, but they are sure to fill your home with the beloved Christmas tree scent we look forward to each winter season.

Looking for a more unique piece? Try incorporating a pinecone or wooden bark wreath into your home this winter. These are a great transition piece from fall to winter, and can be used for a rustic-chic feel all season long.

Bring the Outdoors In
Wanting to add more of the outdoors to your winter décor? Bring the outdoors in with a unique planter. Plant some greenery inside an oversized planter for your home, or use a wire bin to store outdoor elements such as firewood and greenery.

Light Up the Night
Candles are an essential piece in winter décor. Placing birch candles on an entry table are sure to catch guests’ eyes as they enter your home.

Looking for something a little bigger? Place a pillar candle inside an oversized lantern to adorn a side table.

Cozy Up by the FireFeet Warming By Fireplace
Winter brings about frigid weather, but your home does not have to feel the same way. Warm up any space with a faux fur rug, or add texture with a chunky, knitted throw. These are great to add to the couch, or on top of your master bedroom bed for a neutral, warm effect.

As the air becomes colder, make sure you warm up your home with these fun, outdoor-inspired trends. The weather outside may be frightful, but the fire in your Tennessee home will be quite delightful!


Making Your Home Work-From-Home Friendly

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: November 10, 2016 | Comments Off on Making Your Home Work-From-Home Friendly

In a society filled with jam-packed schedules, it is important to optimize your home to make a work-friendly space.

Not sure where to start? We have five easy to follow steps to help you create the perfect home office space!

images-1• Clean Out Your Clutter
A home office can often turn into a storage unit for all of your home’s miscellaneous items. The first step in creating a functional workspace is cleaning out the clutter!

Toni Hammersley, author of The Complete Book of Home Organization, suggests that you begin creating the perfect office space by clearing out the clutter. Her system – gather six large bins and label them: shred, file, trash, donate, keep, and other room.

Sort through all of your paperwork, adding them to the appropriate bin: shred, file, or trash.

Next, sort through all items that will be added to the “other rooms,” “keep,” and “donate” bins. Once you complete this important step, all of your items should be sorted.

Be sure that you give everything a thorough cleaning – wipe down everything, sweep, vacuum, and dust!

• Designate Your Workspace
Now that you have a clean space to work with, it is time to designate your workplace.

Whether it be a kitchen nook or the guest bedroom, pick one area of your home to be “work-friendly.” Some homeowners like to work from the comfort of their bedroom while others prefer to work in a quiet, secluded space.

0032Wanting a space of your own? Here at Regent Homes, we offer a number of plans that include an office or flex room. Many of our homeowners also choose to use their formal dining room as an office, for added space!

Our Rose Hill floor plan, in the Sherwood Green Estates community, offers a spacious study accented with a large window to allow for natural light, and a coffered ceiling for a touch of elegance. It’s located right off the foyer and offers beautiful French doors for added privacy.

Located just off the breakfast room, our Daphne model in the Sherwood Green Estates community offers a flex room perfect for families looking for a multi-purpose space with a more open feel.

Our Berry Farms community also offers two models, the Lorain and the Brennan, for those looking for a townhome with a flex room that can be used as an office. The flex room is located on the first level and ideal for those looking for a separation between office space and living space.

• Find pieces that work
No room is complete without the proper furniture to compliment the space, style, and home.img75c

For smaller spaces like a bedroom or kitchen, choose a functional piece to accommodate your files, technology, and organizational needs. One of our favorite pieces is the Graham Secretary with Smart Technology from Pottery Barn. This piece also works great in an extra bedroom, where decorations and personal items can be kept to a minimum when guests use the room.

imagesA small corner desk also works great for limited space! Add a few floating shelves or wall racks in the kitchen or an unused corner of the home to minimize the footprint.

For larger offices or flex spaces, pick pieces that work with your needs and accent your office. Choose a style, wood, and finish that suits you best. Many companies even offer complimentary consultations to assist you in selecting the best option for your home.

• Organization
Organization is key when working from home. To make your space work, consider adding a few key items: product_magnolia_16_of_28_1024x1024-1storage bins, drawer organizers, and a mail station. We love this fun metal mailbox from Magnolia for outgoing office mail.

Using your formal dining room as an office space? Be sure to utilize items that keep your office organized and clutter-free. Ikea offers a number of low-cost, simplistic storage bins that look great on a bookshelf or stacked on wall shelves.

• Personalize
Finally, after all of the furniture is in place, and everything has a home, finish off your room with a few personal touches.

Add a few family photos in coordinating frames to create a gallery wall.  You may also choose creative ways to arrange and display awards and plaques.

No two offices are the same. Find a style that works best for you –traditional, modern, bright, neutral – anything goes in your office space.

Get to work to create your best office space yet!

Fall Home Decorating Trends

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: November 4, 2016 | Comments Off on Fall Home Decorating Trends

Homemade pumpkin pie, fresh apple cider, and hand picked crisp apples can only mean one thing – Fall has arrived. The changing leaves and cool weather bring about the perfect opportunity to dress up your home in anticipation for the holidays.

Each year, new Fall home decorating trends emerge and grace the cover of home magazines. How do you get your home looking like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens? We have the breakdown of all of the latest, and greatest trends featured this Fall.

images-3Festive Front Door
To begin your Fall transformation, consider adding a number of pumpkins and seasonal gourds to your porch. Add vinyl home numbers to one of your pumpkins, plant some mums to coordinate with your motif, and you are sure to have instant curb appeal.

This trend looks great on homes with a large front porch like our Holly Springs model in the Carothers Farms community, and our Mt. Brook model in the Sherwood Green Estates community.

Cozy Blankets and Plush Pillows
The key to Fall décor is finding the perfect balance of warm tones and cozy touches. Festive cozy blankets and plush pillows are one of the easiest ways to prepare the interior of your home for the change in weather. Swap out your current throw pillows with faux fur and cable knit. Add a warm blanket to the couch to instantly add an inviting feel to your living room.

images-1-copyShabby Chic
Rustic is all the rave for the Fall! Adding several touches throughout your home will create the southern charm that Tennessee locals love!

Try incorporating a chalk-painted piece into your living space. You can take one of your current furniture pieces from drab to fab with the help of a warm hue of Chalk Paint, such as Annie Sloan.

Adding fresh Fall foliage to a rustic jar or vase is also sure to give your home a warm, farmhouse feeling!

images-1-copy-4Fall in Love with Layers
Layering isn’t just for cold-weather clothing, now! Rug layering is one of the Fall’s newest trends.

For maximum appeal, try placing a small faux fur or patterned rug on top of a larger sisal area rug.

Fall Flavors
The smell of fresh-baked Fall goodies welcomes guests with tantalizing smells. Bake one of your favorite Fall desserts and place it on a food-safe wooden serving board to add instant autumn appeal to your kitchen. You can find these at your local home goods store.

Need a few more ideas? Check out these websites! Just click on the names:,, Better Homes & Gardens,

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Summer Home Decor Trends

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: July 14, 2016 | Comments Off on Summer Home Decor Trends

It’s safe to say summer is in full swing. And with those temps rising outside, it is time to make sure inside your home is as cool as possible! Check out our list of the trendiest summer home decor tips!

Fabric Wall Art
Patterned walls are making a comeback! Whether you use it as an accent wall in your room or as the main statement, having decorative walls is super trendy. Instead of a collection of photos hanging on your walls, many are choosing to hang or frame different fabrics that complement each other or make a statement all on their own.

Mixed Metals
Gold, silver, copper, steel – if it has a sheen then it’s meant to be! Mixing up metallics makes a fresh statement and brings in a bit of sophistication to your decor. Place a gold bowl on your table with silver salt and pepper shakers or if your room has silver accents (door knobs, faucets, etc.) add in a copper or gold vase to mix things up. Have fun with it and you can’t go wrong!Oxford breakfast table 36

2016 is turning into the year of the statement chandelier. Instead of a boring light fixture or ceiling fan, homeowners are swapping them out for pretty chandeliers. These old-school beauties can be as dramatic or subtle as you like. Whichever you choose, it is sure to bring your room up to par with the trending home decor world!

Traditional Tableware
We hate to say it, but our grandmothers were right. Having gravy boats and footed bowls are becoming “necessary” in the tableware trend – especially if they are inked in old-world depictions of country life or floral scenes. Bringing the charms of yesteryear to the table and having a traditional setup is the Pinterest thing to do. And we all know that if your decor isn’t Pinterest-worthy, then you’re doing something wrong. But seriously, use pieces passed down from your family or check out local thrift stores for some unique statement makers.

Bedding with Pizzazz
Solid sheets and comforters are out! If you are still rolling around in the boring white sheets, then you need to read on. Textiles and funky fabrics are super trendy this summer. Mixing up patterns both on sheets and comforters is turning the bedroom into the statement piece of the house! Play with different options and mix and match your room decor too. Before you know it, your houseguests are going to treat your room like a museum.Oxford bedroom

The SUPER trend of 2016 is having those pieces in your house that no one can find anywhere else. It is all about making your home unique to you. Take a weekend and go consignment shopping. Find decor pieces that you can’t find in Bed Bath and Beyond, look for furniture that Ikea wouldn’t have, and pick up a few prints that don’t make sense. Your home will soon turn into a physical representation of who you are and your corky personality. Plus, all your friends will want to know where they can get those pieces, and you can simply smile and tell them they can’t. Winning!

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or bohemian you can play with all these tips to incorporate into your likes and tastes. Send us your photos of your hip, trendy, summer decor in your home!

Trending Bedroom Designs For Kids

Categories: Decorating Ideas | Posted: June 14, 2016 | Comments Off on Trending Bedroom Designs For Kids
Modern interior of the child's bedroom

Decorate with décor that can be easily changed and replaced.

Compared to designing a kid’s bedroom, every other room in the house seems like a piece of cake! When it comes to your child’s room, there is a lot of compromises involved. Once children are old enough to start voicing their opinions, it is probably in everyone’s best interest to take their input into consideration so all in the home can live amicably.

The everlasting trend is to create the kid’s bedroom into a special place and to make it just as attractive as any other space in the home (maybe even more so!) Where to start? It can be quite taxing with the vast variety of themes and Pinterest ideas out there. So, let us help you with these trendy ways to get started on your child’s bedroom design!

Neutral Walls and Colorful Accents
We use to see kid’s bedrooms with bright colors and loud statement pieces. Many times you’d find the furniture matching exactly to the color of the room and carpet. However, now you will find the hip thing to do is to paint the room in neutral colors with the pop of color as an accent (i.e. gray room with pink, purple, or yellow accents). It is best to stick to two or three colors, but using more than that can make the room color-heavy and take away from the overall look.

Changeable Décor
It is no secret that children’s tastes and interests change almost daily. Some parents worry about decorating rooms to what their child likes because of this very reason. This is why it is beneficial to decorate their rooms with décor that can be easily changed and replaced. For example: if your kid is really into race cars or princesses, maybe don’t go out and buy a race car or princess bed. Instead, consider race car and princess throw pillows or wall hangings. The key is to incorporate your child’s interests into the theme of the room with elements that can be easily swapped out with something new later on.

Neutral tone walls with color accents adds sophiscation to a kid's room.

Neutral tone walls with color accents add sophistication to a child’s room.

Kid-Friendly Sophistication
This is a new term we’re starting to see thrown around here and there. Kid-friendly sophistication encompasses the above elements in decorating your child’s room. Using a more mature color scheme with that pop of child-like color adds to the elegance of a kid’s room. Also, finding ways to bring in your child’s décor in a more adult-like way is very trendy. If your son likes trains, instead of painting trains on the wall – add a vintage or vintage-inspired train set on a shelf in his room. If your daughter likes horses, hang horseshoes with a ribbon on the wall or put vintage horse statues on a shelf. By following this trend, your children’s bedrooms will tie in with the look of the rest of the home and will be an easier transition, design-wise, for them to grow into their rooms.

Kid’s rooms are never easy, and it will almost certainly always be a challenge, but we hope our few tips in designing your child’s room and staying on trend helps you. Send us your pictures of your kid’s room décor; we would love to see your ideas!