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Weekend Renovation: Garage Reorganization

Categories: Home Maintenance Tips, House Maintenance Tips | Posted: March 30, 2018 | Comments Off on Weekend Renovation: Garage Reorganization

How to organize your current garage or tips on organizing your garage in your new home

If you’re like many people, you have room for just about everything in your garage…except your car. Most of us are prone to dumping things in the garage when we don’t know what else to do with them, telling ourselves “we’ll deal with it later.”

Guess what? Later is here! If you’re in the mood for getting-ready-for-spring, organizing your garage is a great way to start. Here are some handy tips:

• Gather the right supplies, including heavy duty trash bags, a box (or five) for donations, a strong vacuum like a shop vac or a big broom, a hose for washing out the entire garage (plus spraying high for cobwebs) and a catch-all basket.

• Empty out the entire garage. Yes…get it empty. Pulling it all into the driveway and sorting, organizing and tossing will help tremendously, plus it gives you a chance to really clean.

• Do a basic cleaning. Give the floor a good once over with a broom or shop vac, and then wash it with the hose. As you’re emptying and cleaning, begin the decluttering process by tossing anything you know right off the bat needs to go in the trash or donate pile. This step not only gets rid of a percentage of what’s there but also has the added bonus of giving you an immediate sense of accomplishment.

• Then, critically eye your garage space and establish zones for permanent storage. Use vertical space and make sure dangerous items (like chemicals and sharp tools) are stored in a locked cabinet if children are in the house or have access to your garage.

• Mount a slat wall or pegboard wall that is accessible to hang and organize smaller accessories, adding as many hooks and small baskets as you need.

• It really helps to outline tools on that wall with a marker so you know where the tool goes at a glance and can easily identify when a tool is missing.

• Find a spare chest of drawers and turn it into a workbench. Thrift stores and even your attic are good places to look.

• Create extra space and store bikes vertically or hang them from the ceiling.

It may take all day on one spring Saturday, but you’ll be set for a while because you’ve tossed, sorted and set up better systems for your garage items. Helping you enjoy your homeownership is our commitment to you. Take a look at to learn more about who we are.

Keeping Mosquitos Out of Your Home

Categories: Home Maintenance Tips | Posted: May 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Keeping Mosquitos Out of Your Home

Summer is here, which means the weather is heating up. Mosquitos are in full force in Middle Tennessee. It is time to protect your family and loved ones. Today, we are exploring 7 natural ways to keep the mosquitos away.

• Essential Oils
Essential oils have proven effective for a number of uses ranging from migraine relief to personal beauty care. Several essential oils can be used in a vaporizer to repel mosquitos, including Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint essential oil.

 •  Bug Repellent
Whether indoors or out, a natural bug repellent will ensure mosquitos stay away from you and your loved one. Mix 25-30 drops of lavender essential oils with 2 tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil. Rub onto skin to prevent mosquito bites.

 •  Citronella Candles
Citronella candles are a great natural mosquito repellent. Natural Citronella candles ensure you are not emitting harmful toxins. Create your own to burn anytime you want your home to stay mosquito-free.

 •  Dry Ice
Place dry ice in a bowl a short distance away from you. The dry ice will attract mosquitos, allowing you to trap mosquitos with a lid and remove from your home.

 •  Coffee Grounds
Sprinkle coffee grounds at the source of still water in your home. Mosquito eggs will be forced to the surface, depriving them of oxygen and eliminating the breeding process.

•   Basil
Place planted basil throughout your home and garden, as a natural repellent. The plants can double as a source of fresh basil for summer recipes.

 •  Plants
Shrubs, trees, and plants can keep your home and yard mosquito free. Tulsi, Marigolds, Neem, Lavender, and Lemongrass all include repellent properties.

Ready to repel pesky mosquitos? Lockout mosquitos for a pest-free summer season.

Keeping Clean – Laundry Room Organization

Categories: Decorating Ideas, Home Maintenance Tips | Posted: May 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Keeping Clean – Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms come in all shapes in sizes. Whether your room is oversized or compact, laundry room organization is key.

Looking to clean up your space? You’re in luck! Today, we are sharing 7 tips to keep your laundry room clean and organized.

• Store Laundry Detergent in a Beverage Dispenser
Laundry detergent can be messy and unsightly. Put a twist on your laundry, and utilize glass beverage dispensers as your new favorite tool! These dispensers will appear more attractive on a shelf and require no heavy lifting.

This trick also works great with softener. You may also add a chalkboard label for an extra personalized touch!

•  Store Tide Pods in Glass Jars
Tide Pods often come in bulky, bright containers. Transfer these handy laundry room essentials to a glass cookie jar, for a more streamlined appearance.

If you are in a home with small children, simply store on a high shelf, or in an unreachable cabinet space.

• Utilize Designated Hampers
No matter what size your laundry room is, separating laundry ahead of time is a must for busy families. Incorporate at least three baskets – lights, darks, and delicates. Many choose a fourth basket for towels.

Working with a small space and are limited on your number of baskets? Incorporate a triple laundry hamper cart. This handy tool is both compact and moveable, as it has four wheels for ease of use.

• Add a Drying Bar
For shirts that are best served-air dried, add a drying bar that will hold several shirts that do not go in the drying cycle. Air-drying will prevent shrinkage and will keep your clothes looking their best. Many households choose to install their drying bar right above the washer and dryer, but you may store the bar wherever you see fit.

• Stack the Washer and Dryer for Tighter Spaces
Most front-loading washer and dryers sets allow for stacking, which saves precious space in small laundry rooms. Larger spaces also work great with this technique, as it adds more room for additional storage.

• Mount Bulkier Items
Bulky items take up much-needed space in your laundry room. Mount brooms, dusters, and ironing boards. You can also add an over-the-door storage set for store smaller items.

• Find a Place for Everything
Creating a storage space that works for you is essential to keeping your laundry room clean. Add wall hutches, shelves, and cabinets for a custom-feel room. If desired, display your laundry detergent dispensers, and hide bulkier items such as your iron.

Take a weekend, and implement the tips and tricks that work best for your space. Before you know it, you will have a Pinterest-worthy laundry room that will be the envy of all of your friends and family.

Clean up your space, and enjoy your new laundry room organization.

Spring Into Home Maintenance

Categories: Home Maintenance Tips | Posted: March 28, 2017 | Comments Off on Spring Into Home Maintenance

You’ve been waiting for months, and it’s finally arrived! That light jacket, nice breeze, blooming flowers, sunshiny spring weather is here, and it’s sure to turn your winter frown upside down.

So, how can you shake off winter and prep your house for that better weather? Check out our ideas for getting your home in tip-top spring shape.

Rejuvenated Roof
It’s essential. Your first line of defense from the elements. Now is the time to get your roof inspected for any winter precipitation damage or loose shingles.

Glamorous Gutters
It’s not a glamorous job, but someone’s gotta get up there, roll up the sleeves, and clean out those gutters. Make sure they’re cleared of leaves and debris and have no cracks that could potentially lead to water damage in your home.

Fresh Filters
Change out your air filters to ensure no debris creates blockages in your AC that keep you from cooling down when the summer heats up.

Suitable Screens
Picture yourself sitting around the table with that natural breeze cooling down your home instead of turning on the AC. Ahhh, you can just feel it now. Clean your screens with soap and water and patch up any potential holes so you can keep the windows open all night long. Use the extra cash from your AC bill to get yourself an ice cream instead.

Pick your Paint
Refresh your winter warped paint on the outside of your home (and inside if you’re feeling spring clean crazy!). Get the whole family together for a paint party this spring. Kill two birds with one stone by making your home look fantastic while also protecting it from the weather elements.

Laborious Lawnmower
It’s everyone’s favorite chore! (Notice the hint of sarcasm) In all seriousness, your yard will look great this spring and summer so long as your lawnmower is in good shape. It might need an oil change, or the blades sharpened to get that clean cut, fresh look.

Strong Seals
No, not the adorable sea creatures. It’s a perfect time to check the seals around your windows and doors after all that winter weather to keep the cool air in and the bills down.

Bountiful BBQ
We all love our spring and summer BBQs. Take a peek at your BBQ and make sure it’s cleaned out and ready to be fired up on a nice night with friends and family.

Phew! That was a little hard but necessary work. Your future self will thank you for lower cost bills, less potential for damages, and a beautiful home and yard.

Happy Spring Cleaning!