Construction Process

Ensuring a Smooth
Construction Process

Regent Homes handles all the preparation to ensure a smooth construction process. Still, unforeseen factors occur—like unexpected weather conditions that not only impact our ability to work outdoors and indoors but also to receive shipments of materials. This may require us to reschedule the walk through and closing date.

Before the stages of construction begin, all pre-construction documentation must be completed and approved. This includes the selection of the lot and home, sales contract, plot plans, change orders, design selections, pre-approval letter, mortgage approval, etc. During this time, you will have a team meeting with your construction manager and sales counselor to review all documents. Engineering work will be completed, and an application for a permit will be submitted to the City.



    We obtain the necessary building permit and excavate the property to prepare it for your home. The foundation’s footings are poured. A few days later, we construct the foundation.


      Pre-Construction Meeting

      Once the foundation is poured, you attend a meeting with the key members of your construction team. We review the schedule, answer your questions, and make sure communication is clear.



        With the foundation in place, we begin the framing stage. All walls are sheathed and house-wrapped (for insulation). The roof shingles are laid, and windows and exterior doors are installed.



          We install the HVAC ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing.


            Pre-Drywall Meeting

            Before we add the drywall, you meet with your Regent Homes Project Manager. You determine outlet and television locations as well as any other issues that impact the drywall.


              Inspections & Quality Control

              At this point, code inspectors come in to conduct several inspections. Regent Homes also performs its own quality control inspection at this time.


                Insulation and Air Sealing

                Next, your home is closed off, and our insulation crew seals every crack and crevice in the walls and ceiling. After completing this installation, an independent, third-party inspector confirms that the insulation meets the stringent requirements for energy efficiency.


                  Drywall, Trim and Paint

                  We install the interior doors, baseboards, and crown moldings, per the contract agreement. Once the trim is installed, we begin the first stage of painting.


                    Exterior Finished

                    As the interior drywall, trim, and paint is being done, we have a crew working on the exterior of your new home—laying brick and stone, and installing siding and underground utilities.


                      Flooring and Trim-Outs

                      We install the cabinets and countertops, followed by tile and hardwood flooring. Then, we bring in the mechanical tradespeople to install the lights, plumbing fixtures, and electrical trims.


                        Landscaping and Sod

                        Exterior concrete is installed and the landscaping is added to complete your home’s exterior finishes.


                          Quality Control Inspection

                          The final code inspections are conducted by local government officials. An E3 energy Inspector checks your home for compliance with EnergySmart requirements. Regent Homes’ in-house quality assurance inspector also assesses the details by going through our checklist, ensuring that your home is 100% ready for you.


                            Walk-Through Orientation

                            Before you close on this new home, you join your Project Manager for a detailed walk-through. He will show you how to operate every system and appliance, and review the details of our warranty program. Inside your kitchen cabinet, we also place emergency contact information of key tradespersons who worked on your home, so you know whom to contact if a problem arises.

                            Next, get ready to close on your new home! 

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