How to Keep Your New Home Pest Free

How to Keep Your New Home Pest Free

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July 7, 2023

Maintaining a pest-free home can become an ongoing process that requires consistent attention. However, there are preventative measures to take that help to eliminate and even completely get rid of pests from your home. Once you have settled into your new home, remember these proactive tips to get unwanted critters away. 

Proper Storage: Of course, anything edible within your home should be properly sealed and stored. But keep in mind this includes your pet’s food as well. Ensuring it is contained and in a sealed storage container will help prevent it from attracting hungry pests. However, other items, such as firewood, will also need to be stored appropriately. If you have firewood, keep it outside your home, elevated off the ground, to prevent termites and ants from nesting in the wood. 

Seal Entry Points: If your home is new, you likely won’t need to worry about sealing entry points since they will have been freshly sealed. Although, it is worth keeping in mind after storms or heavy rains to check everything is still intact and sealed. 

Trim Vegetation: Keeping your yard and garden well-maintained is another way to keep pests away. Since overhanging branches and dense vegetation can provide pathways for pests to enter your home, regularly trim shrubs and trees that are within proximity to your home. 

Door and Window Screens: Utilize screens on your doors and windows to prevent flying insects from entering your home. These screens allow you to still welcome fresh air into your home without welcoming any insects. Make sure these screens stay intact and are free of tears or holes. 

Keep these preventative tips in mind to prevent unwanted pests from entering your new home.