Our Favorite Easter Dinner Recipes

Our Favorite Easter Dinner Recipes

Easter Dinner Recipes

April 7, 2023

Easter Sunday is a wonderful day to gather with family, savor delightful food, and count your blessings. Of course, there are fun Easter baskets, tasty chocolate treats, and entertaining egg hunts, but spending time with loved ones is one of the most important Easter Day traditions. What better way to gather with the people that mean the most to you than around a table full of tasty and satisfying food? We wanted to share some of our favorite Easter dinner recipes to encourage you to share a meal with your favorite people on this sacred day. 

The Main Course: We firmly believe that no Easter dinner is complete without a glazed ham! But what’s the secret to perfecting this main course? When shopping for your ham, we recommend getting one that is fully cooked, still bone-in, but not spiral cut—this way, it will hold onto its juices while baking in your oven! Once you’ve secured the ham, you’ll want to decide what to make your glaze out of. There are countless glaze recipes, many of which will be a good choice. However, one thing we do recommend is to coat your ham several times with the glaze! Don’t let it be one and done-give it a couple of layers! 

Don’t Forget the Deviled Eggs! With your main course accounted for, it’s time to add some sides. We suggest making deviled eggs to pair with your ham. This traditional Easter dish can be spiced up and made unique, or you can stick to the basics and enjoy this timeless recipe. Either way, your family will likely enjoy the classic combination! 

Add Some Greens and Dessert: No meal, in our opinion, is complete without a healthy serving of vegetables and an even healthier serving of dessert! With these options, it’s a good idea to stick to something you know your guests will enjoy and eat. Don’t be afraid to take suggestions, ask others to pitch in, and keep in mind that this quality time is more important than what is on the plates. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!