Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

Yard Maintenance tips

March 24, 2023

Spring is one of the most vibrant times of the year; vegetation begins to blossom, the days get longer, and depending on your area, the scenery starts to turn green. While there are many benefits that come with spring, there can also be lots of work that arrives with it too. The cold months are behind us, and time to go out with the old and in with the new. This season is an ideal time to take stock of your yard, do some maintenance, and get rid of any remaining debris from the winter season to make room for new growth. These spring yard maintenance tips will get you started to freshen up your yard for the warm season ahead. 

Remove Debris: It’s likely that your yard got some debris in it during the cold season, so you’ll want to begin by removing all of it. Items such as dead plants, branches, twigs, and leaves can be placed in a compost bin or burned in a safe manner. Other things, such as rocks or trash, should be appropriately disposed of. 

Prune Hedges and Bushes: Removing the dead weight from your bushes and hedges will encourage new, lively growth as the warmer season unfolds. You can dispose of your clippings in a similar manner to your dead branches and twigs. 

Wait to Fertilize: Although it’s common to want to get a head start on fertilizing, you might find it beneficial to wait until you’re sure spring is here to stay. The idea behind waiting for this step is that you will avoid promoting the growth of weeds that will compete for the nutrients your plants need. Additionally, if you know what kind of grass your yard contains, you can look up specific fertilization guidelines to achieve the best results.

Follow these spring yard maintenance tips to take care of your lawn and promote a healthy growing season.