What to Know About Hard Water

What to Know About Hard Water

What to know about hard water

March 4, 2023

Hard water contains high percentages of the minerals calcium and magnesium. When unaddressed, these minerals can dissolve and build up in your water, leading to an undesired accumulation of hard water. While hard water commonly has a cloudy appearance, it is surprisingly safe to drink. It might even positively impact health in areas where individuals don’t consume enough calcium or magnesium. 

Although it could be safe to consume, it sometimes irritates the skin of those with sensitive skin. Hard water can also cause residue to build up on your hair, giving it a greasy feeling, even after a good wash. If you constantly feel like you can’t get all the shampoo out of your hair, this is one of many signs that your home has hard water. 

Hard water affects not only you but also areas of your home as well. For example, if you notice white spots on your dishes and silverware, even when you’re sure they’re clean, this could be the minerals of calcium and magnesium building up to produce hard water. Hard water can also build up in your washing machine, making it difficult to get your clothes clean, no matter how much detergent you use. 

Although hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous, having soft water vastly outweighs having hard water. Unfortunately, due to hard water not posing a serious threat, many water treatment facilities typically will not go through the process of filtering them out. Fortunately, there are methods you can implement that will get rid of hard water inside of your home to promote the presence of soft water. One simple way is installing a filtration system specializing in water softening. This extra step will work to remove the buildup of calcium and magnesium particles in the water within your home so you can enjoy the benefits of soft water!